WellMetrix is a private Delaware LLC. Currently, it is wholly-owned by a publicly-traded entity intending to spin out and independently finance the venture. Our leadership team consists of industry veterans, highly-regarded scientific staff, award-winning designers and experts in manufacturing and compliance.

Andrew Dahl

President and Chief Executive Officer

Mr.Dahl was formerly a principal consultant and managing director of Great Northern & Reserve Partners, LLC, a marketing strategy and business planning consultancy focused on the biomed and biotech sectors, since 2005. For the previous 20 years, Mr. Dahl served as President of Dawber & Company, Inc., one of the largest independent marketing & consulting firms in the Midwest, with an extensive Fortune 500 client roster that included GM, Ford, Northwest, Xerox, AT&T and Compuware, among others. He attended the College for Creative Studies and Wayne State University. Mr. Dahl holds three US patents for interactive multimedia and is a named inventor in one recent biotech patent and several biomed patent applications.

Casey Fowler

Vice President of Operations & Product Development

Mr.Fowler serves at the Company’s Vice President of Operations and Product Development. Casey served as Vice President of Operations for CPA Global heading their Intellectual Property services division supporting corporations and law firms with their technical challenges and strategic decisions. His academic background includes a B.S. in Chemistry from the University of Mary Washington and a Master’s in Biochemistry from the University of Maryland. Casey has spent a lot of his career in the pharmaceutical industry serving as an intellectual property consultant and authored pieces on the US market forces and the economics of pharmaceuticals.