Health Self-Monitoring 2017: $20.7 bn


$71.9 bn

- BCC Research

28.3% CAGR

Once all the steps are counted, what's next for the global personal health monitoring industry? BCC Research and IDC see tremendous opportunities for technologies like ours. According to IDC, the next generation of health monitoring devices "...will be all about putting user data to good use." IDC adds, "...we will start to see devices that actually augment our abilities and make our lives easier or more productive rather than just being another screen we keep an eye on." BCC is equally bullish, anticipating a robust 28.3% CAGR over 5 years, propelled by ever greater demand for products and technologies in the health "self-tracking" space.

First-Mover Advantage

Wellmetrix is poised to take industry leadership in the multi-billion-dollar personal health monitoring industry by offering a truly unique user experience and unprecedented insights into personal health and personalized nutrition.

Our breakthrough testing technology and highly-personalized mobile app combine to offer much more than just activity tracking or beats per minute. Wellmetrix features user-defined health parameters, personalized test data and trend analysis, with the option to port activity data from first-generation technology trackers such as FitBit or Garmin, to present a complete picture of how to get healthy and stay healthy.

It's about optimization

Once the novelty of counting steps and heartbeats wears off, where will the health tracking industry go next? We have the answer. Our technology isn't meant to replace the current crop of wearables, supplements or workouts. Instead, it's designed to help people buy more of what works best for them. With WellMetrix you won't just count steps - you'll take steps that count.