A price & performance breakthrough

The WellMetrix™ test platform measures your metabolic efficiency more quickly and completely than traditional medical diagnostics and current health tracking devices.

The platform's smartphone app and disposable cartridges replace lab tests that would normally cost hundreds of dollars with a convenient at-home kit.

Instead of waiting 3 weeks for lab test results, you measure overall health and track the impact of changes in exercise, nutrition and lifestyle in under 3 minutes.

Unprecedented: 8 biomarkers

Unlike many currently available at-home tests or mail-in lab work that only measure 1 biomarker, the WellMetrix platform measures and monitors a panel of 8 vital biomarkers:

Unprecedented - 8 biomarkers

Hygienic, disposable, discreet

Your scorecard

The WellMetrix platform includes an interactive smartphone app.

The app displays test results for 6 biomarkers, including one of a user’s choice.

The display is intuitive, using color and placement to show which of your personal biomarkers require attention. An "options" button takes you to information describing the factors that impact results for each biomarker, helping you take actions to improve your health.


Low cost

A retail starter kit includes 1 Analyzer, the smartphone app and 4 Test Cartridges (90-day supply). The retail price is comparable to popular fitness trackers.

The Analyzer is designed for 1,000 test cycles. Additional Test Cartridges may be purchased in refill kits at retail outlets, online or through a subscription service.