You do the "right" things...


$500 of supplements

Each Month


10,000 steps

Each Day


Visit the doctor

Each Year

How do you know if you're getting healthier?

Now there's a way to know

WellMetrix™ uses metabolomics - the science of measuring metabolic efficiency - to guide you to better health, longevity and quality of life.

Our technology analyzes your unique metabolic profile, measuring indicators of the state of your overall health, and showing how lifestyle choices like exercise and nutrition impact levels of oxidative stress, systemic inflammation and other key biomarkers.

This information helps you design and build your personal plan to improve metabolic efficiency, leading to optimal health.

Baseline: You

Does everyone respond equally well to the same lifestyle choices, like the amount of sleep, work-related stress, exercise or nutrition?

WellMetrix personalizes the pursuit of optimal health by helping you understand your unique health baseline, and where to focus your attention next.

Your first test assesses your metabolic status, and each successive test shows how changes to lifestyle impact metabolic efficiency and overall health.

Disruptive optimization

Should you still count steps, watch calories and monitor heart rate?

Our technology shows how adjustments to the intensity of your workout, composition of your nutritional program or daily lifestyle choices – big and small – impact overall health.

The results help you choose the right supplements, determine the appropriate level of exercise and provide an unprecedented look at how your entire body is performing, responding and recovering.

Better than blood

Other personal wellness tests may use blood or saliva to gauge personal health.

We've developed a better, more accurate solution using urine – and it's a long way from the days of "pee in a cup and wait."

The entire test and analysis occur in the privacy of your home. It's safe, hygienic, discrete, easily disposable and best of all, quick and convenient: In under 3 minutes, you'll have the information you need to make meaningful changes to your lifestyle and improve your overall health.