Competitive Position

The market for personal oxidative stress, antioxidant capacity and inflammation analysis includes several existing lab- and at-home urine tests.

Lab-based tests are expensive, require packaging and shipping, and results may not be available for a week.

Current at-home and point-of-care tests are limited to 1 biomarker, and no currently available test allows a user to track results on a smartphone.

WellMetrix is packaging all three major metabolic factors – oxidative stress, antioxidant capacity and systemic inflammation, along with key body chemistry markers – into a one-stop, shared-platform at a competitive price point.

 WellMetrixBrand ABrand BBrand CBrand DBrand E
Point of Care or LabPoCPoCPoCLabLabPoC
Oxidative Stress
Systemic inflammation
Sample Normalization
Over the counter
Online tracking?
Number of Biomarkers811221